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Mike Lyons has expertly arranged some carols for your Christmas concerts.  These are not just ordinary transcriptions but stand alone concert pieces.  They have been arranged for Strings, Brass and Woodwind.

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Latest Scores

Latest Scores 

Here are the latest scores added to the store. Click on the title to take you to the page.

Fox Hunt by Gavin Brown

Horn Sonata No 3 by Mike Lyons

Horn Sonata No 2 by Mike Lyons

E Country by Jeffrey Thorpe

The Knee by Tapio Sayppo

One Way by Tapio Sayppo

Reflections by Kevin Riley

Andantino for Euphonium and Piano by Allan Herbie Jones

The 202 by Mike Lyons

Brass and Wine by Allan Herbie Jones

Welsh National Anthem arr. by Kevin Riley

A Quiet Village by Kevin Riley

About LKR Sheet Music

Over many years I have written and arranged hundreds of pieces of music that have been played by ensembles around the world. Alongside this I have been privileged to meet other composers that are writing new music all the time.  

It can be a difficult process to have music accepted by mainstream publishers and even then it can take quite a while for the music to be published. The rewards for this are only a small percentage of the price that the customer pays.  

For these reasons I have established LKR Sheet Music to address this situation by giving composers a place where their music can be seen and heard with little delay from submission through to publication whilst rewarding them with a larger percentage of the purchase price than they would normally receive.  
Purchasers of music from LKR Sheet Music will not pay more than standard commercial rates, but can be assured that they will be supporting emerging and established composers by helping them to continue with their important contributions to the world of music.  

Throughout the LKR store you will find playbacks of each score to help you choose precisely what you want. These have been created using the latest version of Note Performer software.


How to use the store

Click on the links on the left-hand side of the page to take you to instrument specific pages. When you get there you will find some sample pages and an mp3 of the music. I suggest you click on the mp3 first then click on the manuscript. Please allow about 15 seconds for the sound file to load. Not all the pages of the score are there but the playback is a full performance of the piece. Don't forget to stop the music when you have heard enough!


When you have found a particular piece you wish to purchase click on the button, make your payment and you will be sent links to print out all the parts and the full score. No need for individual clicks to get each part! It goes without saying that the downloads are for your sole use, please do not share them with anyone else.


If you have any questions about a particular piece please use the contact form and let me know how I can help.

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