Okay so you have had your eye on a piece of music that was written by a composer (lets call him Mozart!) and you have a band that likes the same piece as yourself.  The band consists of the following, violin, tambourine, trombone and xylophone. Now you go and find that piece for those instruments!

Look no further than here. Alongside the music in the catalogue we offer you the facility to get your chosen piece of royalty free music arranged for your group, no matter what the line-up is and what level each player is at. All at little more than the cost of the cost of a present score. Just email your request detailing the piece, instrumentation and players ability and I will reply with a quote.  I will supply you with regular updates to the score and provide you with the finished product as a high quality PDF and mp3 file to aid your rehearsal.

 If you need a substitute part that is not already included, or a modified instrumentation for that matter, just let me know as we are happy to consider requests and provide those at no additional cost (when musically possible). We even consider complete transposition requests. Just ask!

We can source most music so that you do not have to provide the manuscript.

Give it a go!

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