The flute is a member of the woodwind family even though they are mainly made from metal. Occasionally you can find them made of wood or even precious metals like gold!

The sound is created by blowing air across a hole in the mouthpiece.

A musician who plays the flute can be referred to as a flute player, flautist, flutist or, less commonly, fluter or flutist.

Flat As A Flute
  • Flat As A Flute
  • Flat As A Flute
  • Flat As A Flute
  • Flat As A Flute
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A brand new solo for flute and piano. There's a little bit of horseplay between the flute and piano, the flautist needs to be able to double tongue and to use flutter tongue.

There's a bit of a simple cadenza to start, followed by some interplay between the flute and piano pretending to tune. Then follows a march-like section with some deliberate discords in the flute. As this section becomes louder and more animated, the players should act cross with each other!

Then follows a dreamy little melodic section in waltz time. There's lots of chromatic work in this section. The piano now dominates for a short while with a melodic idea, based on the flute's waltz melody bot with tremolos which gives the music an almost zither-like feel (expect the Third man to walk on stage. After this, the flute returns to dominance but gets interrupted by the piano who is missing being in the limelight!

At the change to a quicker tempo and a major key - still with 'out of tune notes' the two 'play nicely together' for a while before it all goes to pot again when the flute develops hiccups! This leads back to an altered version of the original march tune, but faster.This time the two find common ground on the 8ve leaps and the piece finishes with a short codetta. A great show-off piece for the finale of a concert, allowing both the soloist and accompanist to sparkle.

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