Banais  Am Bana-Ghàidheal
  • Banais  Am Bana-Ghàidheal
  • Banais  Am Bana-Ghàidheal
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This might be more properly called dealbhan bhon banais am bana-gàidheal - scenes from the gaelic lady's wedding - musically it is a series of connected themes or motifs.

I actually knew the lady quite well when I was a boy at my Granny's house near Oban. She was our next door neighbour and could speak Gaelic better than she could speak English - as I recall she and her husband (who was a seafarer) were from the Island of Lismore just off the coast near Oban - Lismore in gaelic (Lios Mòr) means a great garden. I was never at her wedding so I just imagined it.

Performance Notes Each musical section as delineated by the dynamic markings represents either a different picture or scene from an imagined wedding, or a repetition of a scene with added emphasis brought about by a stop change. For example, the 3/4 harmonic bookend sections can be thought of as akin to a wedding “march” where the bride enters the church and later leaves at the end of the celebratory ceilidh. In this example the dynamic goes from p to f to ff indicating three separate stop groups.

This piece was written using the stops from the Great Reiger Organ in the Wiener Konzerhaus. On a different organ the performer will use his or her judgment as to the most appropriate arrangement of the stops.

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